CLIP is 98.2% funded for the 2021 – 2022 School Year with 90% K-8 Participation! Thank you!

Dear CLIP families,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. Since 1998, the CLIP parent community has invested in the lives of their children, helping to ensure a Mandarin immersion experience and produce future multilingual leaders.

Each year we MUST raise funds in order to sustain the program. While CUSD has recently begun to provide funding for the instructional program materials, there are still many aspects of the program that require your help and support. Budget details available online:


CLIP funds support students from kindergarten through eighth grade with exciting programs such as: CLIP art, teacher professional development, Homework Club, instructional classroom aides, and much more. With each family’s participation we can reach our goal of raising more than $300,000! But the giving doesn’t end there. You can show your support for your student, their teacher/s, and the administrative staff by volunteering in many ways:

Donate the minimum giving ask per student: $425 students (K-5 grade); $200 (6-8 grade)
Apply for a matching donation from your employer
Volunteer in the classroom or take projects home to complete
Join a committee or fill a CLIPCO grade rep open position

TIMELINE & PRIZES The Direct Give Campaign will officially run from September 7th through 11:59PM October 8th, but you can submit your donation anytime after the school year begins. Each student will receive a Year of the Tiger CLIP t-shirt (you may opt-out if your child does not want one). Also, to help keep our money in the school where it is needed most, when a student’s family donates the minimum give amount per student, classroom supplies will be donated to their teacher’s classroom which includes items such as: baby wipes, band-aids, Expo and permanent markers, glue sticks, Kleenex, laminating sheets, paper and pencils. The top class at Meyerholz and top grade at Miller that has the most participation and raises the most money will receive a class party (selected by the homeroom teacher). CLIP is YOUR community. Can we count on you? Sincerely,
Ken Huang, CLIPCO President David Chen, DGC Chair Cupertino Language Immersion Program Community Organization 501c(3) EIN 92-0193803 PO Box 1344, Cupertino, CA 95015 | |

WAYS TO GIVE Acceptable forms of payment include:

PayPal and checks. Please use the online pledge form for both check and PayPal donations. This form helps us keep track of your donations (tax receipts and class rankings).

Payment is accepted via PayPal at ○ Payment through company donation portals or donor advised funds should be directed to CUPERTINO LANGUAGE IMMERSION PROGRAM COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION (Tax ID: 92-0193803)

Checks should be made out to “CLIPCO” and mailed out to P.O. Box 1344 Cupertino, CA 95015

For the purposes of the Direct Give Campaign, you may make a donation on behalf of another family or families. This sponsorship can be for any classroom or grade. It can be for an unnamed family or you can give credit to a specified family with their consent. Please contact a CLIPCO Board Representative to indicate your intent to do so. CLIPCO will treat the information you provide with the utmost confidence.

Do not forget to ask your employer about matching gifts. Corporate matches are very important to the CLIP program. Parent donations alone will not get us to our fundraising goal. ○ Corporate matching is additional to what each family donates as part of their fiscal duty to the CLIP program. They are NOT included in the campaign contest for prizes. Honor Roll – since CLIP depends completely on donations to fund the curriculum programs not covered by regular school district funds, we are grateful for the financial support of our community and would like to recognize our donors. Donors are recognized on our website throughout the school year and in the December CLIPCO Newsletter after the Direct Give Contest. The donation amounts that qualify for the tiers below are per student. You can indicate if you wish for your donation to be “anonymous” so that your family’s name does not appear on the honor roll.

Kindergarten – 5th grade6th grade – 8th grade
Bronzedonation of $425donation of $200
Silverdonation of $426 to $650donation of $201 to $325
Golddonation of $651 – $949donation of $326 to $474
Platinumdonation of $950 or moredonation of $475 or more

The Direct Give Campaign Committee has the final authority on the contest. If needed, we may send clarification in future emails. Remember that the goal is to raise funds to sustain our amazing CLIP program. The Direct Give Campaign Committee is made up of parent volunteers who contribute their

Cupertino Language Immersion Program Community Organization 501c(3) EIN 92-0193803 PO Box 1344, Cupertino, CA 95015 | |

personal time for the good of the CLIP program.

CLIPCO is a 501(c) (3) organization. Donations are considered tax-deductible.

If you have any questions, please ask your CLIPCO grade rep. Or, contact us directly at:

Thank you in advance for your continued support of the CLIP program.

Cupertino Language Immersion Program Community Organization 501c(3) EIN 92-0193803 PO Box 1344, Cupertino, CA 95015 | |

2021年8月16日 親愛的CLIP家庭,

每年我們都必須籌集資金以維持CLIP。雖然CUSD已開始為教學材料提供部分金援,但CLIP仍有許多方 面需要您的幫助和支持。預算詳情請參閱網址:https:/ /。 l




CLIP 資金支持從幼兒園到八年級學生的特別課程及精彩活動,其中包括融合中華文化及世界歷史的


我們就可以達到籌集 $300,000 的原訂目標!除了捐款之外,更歡迎您可以透過以下多種方式支持我們


● 希望每位學生的最低捐贈額:$425(K-5年級) ; $200(6-8年級)

● 申請您公司的相應捐贈 (Match Donation)

● 可以在課堂上當志工服務學生或協助老師準備一些教學材料帶回家完成

● 加入CLIPCO委員會擔任年級代表,可以成為幫助CLIP家庭和學校的溝通管道


每位捐款的學生都將獲得一件虎年的 CLIP T卹(但學生也可選擇不拿T卹紀念品)。此外,為了幫助我們 將資金溢注於學校最需要的地方,當家長捐助了最低款額之後,教師最需要的項目列表中回饋給他們的 教室,比如嬰兒濕巾、創可貼、油性白板筆、膠棒、面紙、護貝膜、紙和鉛筆等教室用品。

Meyerholz 和 Miller 班級中參與募款活動人數最多,且籌得最多資金的班級,將可獲得一個慶祝派對(派 對的活動內容將由級任老師決定)。

CLIP這個大家庭需要您的竭力支持! 此致

Ken Huang, CLIPCO 會長 David Chen, DGC 委員會會長

CLIPCO 年度募款活動(Direct Give Campaign)將於9月7日開始至10月8日晚上11:59截止,但歡迎您在


Cupertino Language Immersion Program Community Organization 501c(3) EIN 92-0193803 PO Box 1344, Cupertino, CA 95015 | |


● 付款方式包括:PayPal和支票。不管您使用何種方式捐款, 請使用線上捐款表格幫助我們紀錄你 們的捐款以便發放報稅發票跟各班捐款排名

○ PayPal捐款可透過 支付

ORGANIZATION (報稅 ID: 92-0193803)
○ 支票請付款寫明至“CLIPCO”並寄到以下地址, P.O. Box 1344 Cupertino CA

95015 ● 歡迎贊助其他CLIP家庭。
○ 為鼓勵每個家庭都能參與DGC募款活動,歡迎願意多奉獻資金的家庭,贊助另一個或多個

CLIP家庭。被贊助的學生不必是同班或同年級的孩子。您可以在捐款表格中勾選贊助特 定 對象或由募款委員會幫您選配任何需要您幫忙贊助的家庭。如果您有這方面的需要 請聯絡 CLIPCO年級代表。請放心,對於您的贊助和捐贈信息,CLIPCO委員會和年級代 表絕對

● 不要忘記詢問您的公司有關捐款補助事宜。公司補助捐款對CLIP募款非常重要。僅僅依靠家長

捐 款是不足以達到籌款目標。

○ 公司補助捐款不能用來代替每個家庭履行對CLIP的義務捐款,所以它們的金額不包含在 捐 款競賽計算中。

捐款榮譽榜 – 由於CLIP完全倚靠捐款來資助學區基金未涵蓋的課程計劃,CLIPCO委員會想藉此捐款 榮 譽榜表揚捐贈者,來感謝社區的財力支持。捐款者姓名除了在DGC募款活動結束後的12月 CLIPCO月刊 中被表揚之外,榮譽榜也會整個學年期間持續刊登在CLIPCO官網上以表達CLIPCO對 募捐者的最大感 謝。以下所列捐贈等級是以每名學生金額計算。若您不希望名字出現在榮譽榜上,您 也可標註您的捐款 是「匿名的」。

Cupertino Language Immersion Program Community Organization 501c(3) EIN 92-0193803 PO Box 1344, Cupertino, CA 95015 | |

幼稚園 – 五年級6年級 – 8年級

DGC募款活動委員會是由一群願意為CLIP貢獻個人時間的家長志工們組成。我們的目標是籌集資金 以維 持寶貴的CLIP課程。所以DGC活動委員會擁有決策主權,如果有任何問題,歡迎家長用電子郵件 直接和 DGC委員會溝通。

CLIPCO是 501(c) (3) 非營利事業組織。您的捐款是免稅的。 如果您有任何疑問,請詢問您的CLIPCO班級代表或直接聯繫我們。