CUSD board has discussed over a long period how to best tackle its budgetary issues and low enrollment issues. CLIP and its future have been tied to many of these discussions. We consider the discussion of CLIP’s future central to the language immersion program’s ongoing improvement and to the education of our students. It is our hope that the collected information here will be able to help parents understand the discussions that happened.


  • John Muir Elementary School (1998)
    • CLIP opened with one Kindergarten Class
    • Fun Fact: Catherine Huang was the first teacher and still teaches in the CLIP Program
  • L.P Collins Elementary School
    • Expanded to 2 Kindergarten Classes entering each year
  • Meyerholz Elementary School (2004):
    • Started 2 Kindergarten Classes entering each year
    • Expanded to 3 Kindergarten Classes entering each year (2015-16)
  • CLIP Middle School Program (Grades 6-8)
    • CLIP Middle School began at Hyde (2004)
    • Expanded to Sam H. Lawson Middle School (August 2005)
    • Middle School program moved to Miller (2010)
  • Muir Elementary School (2022 – Present):
    • CLIP Dedicated Site at Muir Elementary School Campus
    • Expanded to 4 Kindergarten Classes entering each year (2022-23)


Overview of how the district reached the current budget situation over many years of budget funding challenges and district public meetings and responses:


Budget Roadshow Presented to Meyerholz Elementary School.

Fall 2020 – Budget Roadshow English

Fall 2020 – Budget Roadshow Chinese


The CUSD Board held five special listening sessions to get community feedback on its discussions for low enrollment schools and CUSD budget challenges. The meetings were held at each CUSD middle school. The November 21, 2019 listening session held before a packed Miller gym is here.

Miller Listening Session (Nov 21, 2019)


CUSD Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Proposals (Oct 22, 2020)

CUSD Building Long Term Fiscal Stability (Nov 19, 2020)

CUSD Measure A Parcel Tax Failure (Yes for Measure A, No for Measure A)

CUSD School Consolidation and Closure Recommendations (Sept 23, 2021)

CUSD School Consolidation and Closure Decision (Oct 14, 2021), Final Recommendation


Town Hall #1 (November 5, 2020)

Town Hall #2 CLIP (November 9, 2020)

Town Hall #2 Neighborhood (November 9, 2020)

Town Hall #3 (December 2, 2020)

Meyerholz Town Hall (Sept 29, 2021)

CLIP Town Hall (Sept 30, 2021)

Muir Townhall (Sept 30, 2021)

Meyerholz Town Hall (Oct 5, 2021)


• November 10, 1959 – Named William Faria
• 1965 – Opened; presently located at its original campus at Barbara Lane, Cupertino
• February 1983 – Closed and declared surplus
• August 1983 – Reopened
• 1995 – Fully modernized and added the Multipurpose Room/GLC

• 1964 – Named Portal and opened at the current Collins campus (N. Blaney); it was not an alternative program at this time
• 1983 – Portal, including Nan Allen on the same site, closed (N. Blaney)
• 1980 – The Murdock site (Wunderlich) was declared surplus in 1980 and was being leased
• 1985 – The alternative Portal program was opened
• 2003 – The Murdock site (Wunderlich) was totally gutted and renovated
• January 2004 – Reopened for the alternative Portal program. Staff did a mid-year move to the new campus (from N. Blaney to Wunderlich)
• 2004 – Portal was renamed Murdock-Portal within a year of being on the new campus

• 1971 – McAuliffe Alternative school started as a single Kindergarten classroom at Eaton
• 1975 – The Open Kindergarten Program as it was then called, grew to become a K-6 program and moved to Muir and was renamed Muir Alternative Program
• 1988 – Muir Alternative Program moved to the formerly named Laura M. Hansen School and renamed Christa McAuliffe
• 2000 – McAuliffe Alternative expanded to K-8

How Can I Support CLIP?

You can support CLIP by:
1) Getting Involved: Project Cornerstone, Room Parent, CLIPCO Board, PTA
2) Emailing the CUSD Board (
3) Speaking in Townhalls / Meyerholz Weekly Meetings with Principals and CUSD Board Meetings (2 minutes are allowed for each public commenter)