Hello, thank you for visiting this page. As the CUSD board discusses how to best tackle its budgetary issues, CLIP and its future have been drawn into many of the discussions that are happening within the CUSD community.

We consider the discussion of CLIP’s future central to the language immersion program’s ongoing improvement and to the education of our students.

From much of the discussion we have been hearing in the CUSD community, we have noticed that there are some misunderstandings about the CLIP program and that there are many more questions. It is our hope that the collected information here will be able to help parents understand the discussions which are happening and develop more informed decisions.


This is an overview of how the district reached the current budget situation over many years of budget funding challenges and district public meetings and responses.


2019-2020 State of the District – Watch the video here.

This is a budget roadshow presented to Meyerholz Elementary School. Watch the video here.

Budget Roadshow Presentation






The CUSD Board held five special listening sessions to get community feedback on its discussions for low enrollment schools and CUSD budget challenges. The meetings were held at each CUSD middle school. The November 21, 2019 listening session held before a packed Miller gym is here.

Miller Listening Session (November 21, 2019) – View session here

CUSD Board Meeting Notes

CUSD Board Meeting Notes can be found here. Select “Meetings” in the top right.


Town Hall #1 (November 5, 2020)

Town Hall #2 CLIP (November 9, 2020)

Town Hall #2 Neighborhood (November 9, 2020)


This is a statement of all CLIP teachers who are unanimously in support of CLIP moving to its own site. The statement only concerns teachers offering to answer questions from the CLIP community about why they would like the CLIP program moved to a dedicated site for instructional and administrative advantages to our children. Please respect the teachers’ time and limit your questions to them on this subject. Please be kind, these are our teachers who only want what’s best for the education of our students.



This is a presentation by CLIP parents who come from the Meyerholz CLIP Advisory Committee (MCAC), CLIPCO, and other interested parents who support our teachers’ unanimous recommendation for CLIP to move to its own site. The presentation can be found below the video.



There appears to be some confusion about the history of CLIP at the Meyerholz School Site. CLIP has actually been moved several times to many different schools in the district.

A History of Growth

1998 John Muir Elementary School
– 1 Kindergarten Class

L.P Collins Elementary School
– Expands to 2 Kindergarten Classes entering each year

Meyerholz Elementary School
– Starts at 2 Kindergarten Classes entering each year
– Expanded to 3 Kindergarten Classes entering each year (2015-16)

Future Growth

The CLIP teachers, MCAC, and CLIP administrators have identified advantages to CLIP moving to a dedicated site and being able to expand again to 4 kindergarten classes. We have a waiting list every year that exceeds 100 students, mostly kindergarten students. District staff confirmed that CLIP could fill a 24 student kindergarten expansion from the waiting list (CUSD Miller Listening Session November 21, 2019). Unfortunately there is no room for CLIP to expand while combined with another elementary school at Meyerholz.