ASEP: After School Enrichment Program

2022 – 2023 Classes Offered

  • Zhongruan – Chinese plucked string instrument
  • Chinese Dance (Chinese/Modern)
  • Lion Dance
  • Dizi – Chinese Flute
  • Erhu – Chinese 2-stringed fiddle
  • Chinese Percussion
  • Wushu
  • Brush painting
  • Cooking

Please review the ASEP Classes and Schedule throughly before you sign up. Please Note that some classes are only recommended for certain grades.
Parents are required to come to class 1-2 times on a rotating basis to assist our instructors per sign-up when required.
Parent volunteers must be CUSD Volunteer Cleared.

2022 – 2023 ASEP Schedule & Cost

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CLIP ASEP General Information and Class Rules
CLIP ASEP Instrument Rental Agreement
ASEP Mission & History


Homework Club

About Homework Club

Homework Club will start for 2022 – 2023 School Year Soon.


There will be a Chinese New Year Parade for 2022 – 2023 School year in February 2023.

The Meyerholz/CLIP San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade Team was started by CLIP parent volunteers in the fall of 2004. The parade team is a self-funded and volunteer-run program. Participation is open to all students at Meyerholz and to CLIP middle school students.

Each fall, the Parade Committee (parent volunteers), meet to decide on that coming year’s theme and performance. The routines typically highlight Chinese folktales and legends so that the audience can learn more about Chinese culture. The team has presented classic stories such as The Legend of Madame White Snake, the Ballad of Mulan, the Five Divine Rams, and Monkey Fishes for the Moon. Once the parade application is submitted and an invitation to perform at the parade is received, all parent volunteers spend the next several months directing every aspect of the team, including dance and drumming instruction, designing costumes and props, managing weekly practices, and taking photos and videos to commemorate the experience.

Volunteering is critical to the success of the parade team. Volunteers ensure that practices run smoothly and that all logistical details are handled so that the students can shine during their performance on the big day.

Chinese New Year Parade History



CLIP Art is a language/cultural enrichment art class funded by parents’ direct donations to CLIPCO. CLIP students get CLIP Art (taught in Mandarin), as well as regular art (taught in English, and funded by parents’ donations to PTA). CLIP Art is taught once a month, and each class is 1 ½ hour-long. The class structure is comprised of presentation, discussion, application and debriefing.


Each month our CLIP Art teachers, Ms. Chwen Lim, Ms. Phoebe Kao and Ms. Karen Tseng, show the students a presentation on a different artist or art form. The teachers make sure to tie in elements from the students’ curriculum, such as language arts, geography, science, history and social studies. During the presentation, a lively dialogue in Mandarin almost always ensues!

Notable CLIP Art Creations
CLIP Art Lesson Overview

Miller Chinese Power Hour

Chinese Power Hour

Chinese Power Hour (CPH) is an after school program to help support students with their Mandarin classwork and/or schoolwork. 

Parents must complete a contract prior to attending.

Chinese Power Hour will be held for 1 hour. Check-in no later than 3:10 pm and students must stay in designated classroom for duration of CPH. Please reach out to Chinese Miller Teachers for more information.